2010: The Global South

2010mrg2-page-001The Global South
The 12th Annual Conference of the Marxist Reading Group
Keynote Speaker: Hazel V. Carby
Special Guest:  James L. Peacock
March 25-27, 2010 at the University of Florida
Sponsors: CLASSC & The English Department

Thursday, March 25

Coffee & Bagels; Welcome

9:00-10:30 (Dauer 219)
PANEL #1: Culture
Moderator: Melissa Mellon
1) Gary Hink (University of Florida) “Silko’s Almanac Of Deterritorialization”
2) Kayla M. Lane (University of Florida) “The Truth Is the Whole:  From Historical Materialism to Gender Perfomativity”
3) Cameron Williams (University of Florida) “The Stealing of Agency and the Agency of Stealing:  Structural Adjustment and Teleologies of Development”

10:45- 12:15 (Dauer 219)
PANEL #2: Pop
Moderator: Daniel Bell
1) Chris Ramos (University of Florida) “Asian American Hip Hop and the Inter-national”
2) Michelle LeSure (University of Florida) “Japanese Globalization and Resistance:  Popular Culture and the Edo-Period Metaphor”
3) David Reznik (University of Florida) “The Political Economy of Harold and Kumar:  ‘Model Minorities’ in 21st Century Hollywood Film”


1:45-3:15 (Dauer 219)
PANEL #3: Citizen
Moderator: Patricia Auxier
1) Mitra Monir Abbaspour (City University of New York) “In-Between Worlds:  The Arab Image Foundation, Photography from a Pan-Arab Perspective”
2) Arun Pokhrel (University of Florida) “Badiou’s Politics and the Niger Delta Crisis”
3) Georg Koszulinski (University of Florida) “Paulo Freire and the Domestication of Critical Pedagogy”

3:30-5:00 (Dauer 219)
PANEL #4:  Community
Moderator:  Steven LeMieux
1) Leif Jackson Bullock (University of Florida) “Who’s Telling This Country’s Tale?:  The Kenyan Scramble for Power, Perception, and the Past”
2) Alexander Caramento (York University) “Resistance, Retrenchment, Resurgence:  Analyzing the Postcolonial Struggles of Mineworkers and the Zambian Labour Movement from a Gramscian Perspective”
3) Todd LeVasseur (University of Florida) “Planting Seeds of Resistance—Autonomous Responses to Flows of Capital and Calories”

Friday, March 26

Coffee & Bagels

9:00-10:30 (Dauer 219)
PANEL #5: Labor
Moderator: Asmaa Ghonim
1) Su-Ching Wang (University of Washington) “Racialized Migrant Domestics in Global Capitalism”
2) Christian F. Tran (Binghamton University) “The Informal Sector Revisited:  Gender, Work, and Primitive Accumulation”
3) Ram Prasansak (University of Washington) “Thinking Commodity in Ama Ata Aidoo’s Changes

10:45-12:15 (Dauer 219)
PANEL #6: Identity
Moderator: Emily McCann
1) Dragan Kujundzic (University of Florida) “Gone South:  Yugoslavia as the Global Metaphor”
2) Christina Van Houten(University of Florida) “Reading Nella Larsen’s Transatlantic Modernism in a Regional Context”
3) Tace Hedrick (University of Florida) “Cold Wars and Indigenous Identities:  Cuba, the United States, and Ana Mendieta”


1:45-3:15 (Dauer 219)
ROUNDTABLE: The Logic of the Global South
Moderator: Louise Newman
Hazel V. Carby (Yale University)
James L. Peacock (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Benjamin Wise (University of Florida)

3:30-5:00 (Dauer 219)
PANEL #7: 1930s
Moderator and Respondent: David Lawrimore (University of Florida)
1) Nathaniel Deyo (University of Florida) “From Leather Shirts to Tea Parties:  Nathanel West’s A Cool Million, Then and Now”
2)Patrick McGowan (University of Florida) “Back to the Farm:  Writing Against Big Agribusiness from The Grapes of Wrath to The Omnivore’s Dilemma
3) Susan Hegeman (University of Florida) “A Crisis in the Oligarchy”


7:00-9:00 (Dauer 215)
Moderator: Allison M. Rittmayer
Georg Koszulinski: Immokalee, U.S.A.
Q & A to follow

Saturday, March 27

Coffee & Bagels

9:00-10:30 (Dauer 219)
PANEL #8: Narrative
Moderator: Arun Pokhrel
1) Velina Manolova (City University of New York) “‘From the Scrap Heap of History to the Township Tavern:  Transnational Marxism and Global Capital in Ivan Vlasilavic’s ‘Propaganda by Monuments’”
2) Scott Nygren (University of Florida) “Teguia’s Lines of Flight:  Re-Imagining a Post-Colonial Algeria”
3) Guy Witzel (State University of New York at Buffalo) “Approaching/Reproaching realpolitik:  Marxist Utopia and the Cultural Anti-Capitalisms of the Global South”

10:45-12:15 (Dauer 219)
PANEL #9: Migration
Moderator: Jordan Dominy
1) Karyn Anderson (University of Florida) “Dangerously Smooth Spaces in Cynthia Shearer’s The Celestial Jukebox
2) Emhunn Campbell (University of Memphis) “The Commodity of Black Narratives in Absalom, Absalom!
3) Maureen Turim (University of Florida) “The South of the Western”


1:45-3:15 (Dauer 219)
PANEL #10: Dialectic
Moderator:  Scott Nygren
1) Phillip Wegner (University of Florida) “Lacan avec Greimas:  The ‘Other Side’ of Cultural Studies”
2) Brandon J. Carr (University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign) “The Evolution of Sartre’s Objective Traitor:  The Intellectual and the Global South”
3) Robert Seguin (Hartwick College) “A New Dialectics of Nature?:  Reflections on the Paradigm of Complex Emergence”

3:30-5:00 (Ustler Hall Atrium, 2nd Floor)
Hazel V. Carby: “Bristol Dreams Jamaica”
Reception to Follow