2015: Enthusiasm for Revolution

file-page1Enthusiasm For Revolution
The 17th Annual Conference of the Marxist Reading Group
Keynote Speakers: Jodi Dean and Eric Cazdyn
March 26-28 2015 at the University of Florida
Sponsors: The Marston-Milbauer Professorship, The Department of English, and CLASSC

Thursday, March 26

Coffee and Bagels

9:00-10:20 (Dauer 215)
Panel 1: American Revolutions
Moderator: Alyssa Hunziker

  • Dylan Harris: “Gramsci, Culture, and Environmental Politics”
  • Jimmy Miranda (University of Delaware): “From Carelessness to PreOccupation: A Exploration of Stiegler’s For a New Critique of Political Economy and the Occupy Movement”
  • Lakey (Florida State University): “The ‘Koch’ Revolution?: Negri, Constituent Power and the 1%”

10:30-11:50 (Dauer 215)
GAU Roundtable: No More Fuchs to Give?

  • Kevin Funk (University of Florida)
  • John Hames (University of Florida)
  • Jana Wallace (University of Florida)
  • Sebastián Sclofsky (University of Florida)
  • Mauro Caraccioli (University of Florida)


1:30-2:50 (Dauer 215)
Panel 2: Crisis and Dystopia
Moderator: Berit Brink

  • Asmaa Ghonim (University of Florida): “Apocalypse Now: Pressing the Reset Button on the Human Race”
  • Olubunmi Mosunmola Oguntolu (University of Florida): “Movement for Existence: The Black Woman Framed in The Omega Man (1971)”
  • Derrick King (University of Florida): “Representing Economic Crisis in Post-2007 U.S. Cinema”

3:00-4:45 (Dauer 215)
Panel 3: Media Revolutions
Moderator: Rebekah Fitzsimmons,

  • Carolyn Elerding (Ohio State University): “Dissecting PowToon: The Disney Strike of 1941 and Its Consequences for Media Aesthetics and Digital Labor”
  • Alexander Monea (NC State U): “Algorithms and Eschatology: Revisiting the Problem of the Luddites”
  • Randi GillSadler (University of Florida): “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, But It Will Be Retweeted: Black Women, Social Media and Revolutionary Practice”

Friday, March 27

Coffee and Bagels

9:00-10:20 (Dauer 215)
Panel 4: Decolonization
Moderator: Derrick King

  • Mauro Caraccioli and David A. Ponoroff (University of Florida: “The Agronomy of Revolution: What Marxists Can Learn From Indigenous Political Thought”
  • Peter Westmoreland (University of Florida): “Rethinking Fanon on Violence”
  •  Mandisa Haarhoff (University of Florida): “OUR COUNTRY SITS ON THE THRESHOLD of a historic moment: Enthusiasm for revolution in the time of Julius Malema”

10:30-11:50 (Dauer 215)
Panel 5: Revolutions in the Margins: Working Women and Class Hybridity in Victorian Literature
Moderator: Melissa Bianchi

  • Kristen Gregory (University of Florida): “The New Crusoe: Robina Crusoe’s Transgressive New Girlhood”
  • Sarah Kniesler (University of Florida): “Revolutions of the Hearth: Home and Middleclass Respectability in Ellen Price Wood’s Mrs. Halliburton’s Troubles”
  • Angela Walther (University of Florida):  “The Science of Revolution in Ellen Johnston’s Factory Poems”


1:30-2:50 (Dauer 215)
Panel 6: Global Revolutionary Politics
Moderator:  Asmaa Ghonim

  •  Hongjun Su (University of Iowa): “Constructing ‘WorkUnit Socialism’ and ‘Socialist New Person’: Two Important Legacies of the Chinese Revolution (19211976)”
  •  Mike Mayne (Kennesaw State University): “Symmetry Between Shanghai’s Bund and Pudong”
  •  Emilio Feijóo (Florida Gulf Coast University): “Rhetoric at the Scene of Address: The Construction of a Subject within Tropological Space”

3:00-4:00 (Dauer 215)
Panel 7: Dead Revolution
Moderator: Yen Loh

  • Jordan J. Dominy (Savannah State University): “Utopia in the Swamp?:  Randall Kenan’s Let the Dead Bury Their Dead”
  •  Francesc Morales (University of Florida): “Dead Labor: Living Dead and Dead Alive in Ciudad de zombis by Homero Aridjis”


6:30 Keynote (Ustler Hall Atrium) Eric Cazdyn (University of Toronto): “The Blindspot of Revoltion.”

Reception to follow

Saturday, March 28

Coffee and Bagels

9:00-10:20 (Dauer 215)
Panel 8: Theorizing Revolution
Moderator: Samantha Grenrock

  • Joshua Lundy (University of South Carolina): “Beyond Capitalism/Beyond Humanism”
  • Ameen Mettawa (University of Florida): “Wars without Events”

10:30-11:50 (Dauer 215)
Panel 9: The Artist, Writing, and Revolution
Moderator: Mary Roca

  • Kristin Teston (University of Southern Mississippi): “That would fix a lot of people”: Writing as Revolution in Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar
  • William Nesbitt (Beacon College): “Echoes of the Revolution: Diane di Prima and the Beat Generation”
  • Mitch R. Murray (University of Florida): “‘Just a Little Different’: Value, Ben Lerner’s Evental Künstlerroman, and the Aesthetic Return”


1:30-2:50 (Dauer 215)
Panel 10: Art and Education
Moderator: Jonathan  Hernandez

  • Mauro Caraccioli and Aida Hozic (University of Florida): “Reflexivity@DisneyU: 11 Theses on Living in IR”
  • Brian Mann: “The End of Art History”
  • Susan Hegeman (University of Florida): “Opt out!: Lessons for Higher Ed from the K-12 Anti-Testing Movement”

3:00-4:20 (Dauer 215)
Panel 11: Historicizing Cultural Forms
Moderator: David Lawrimore

  • Aron Pease (Georgia Tech): “The Ends of Consumerism: The Struggle over Knowledge and Memory in William Gibson’s PostCyberpunk Novels”
  • Carl Miller (Palm Beach Atlantic University): “Where Are the Wild Things?: Periodization and the Picture Book”
  • Phillip E. Wegner (University of Florida): “The Ambiguous Utopia of the Multiverse”


6:30 Keynote (Ustler Hall Atrium): Jodi Dean (Hobart and William Smith Colleges): “The Passional Dynamcis of the Communist Party.”

Reception to Follow