Spring 2017

Jan. 2018 (Srimayee Basu): Saidiya Hartman, “The Time of Slavery” and Frank B. Wilderson, III, “The Prison Slave as Hegemony’s (Silent) Scandal.”

Feb. 2018  (Ashley Manchester): Saskia Poldevaart, “Theories about Sex and Sexuality in Utopian Socialism” and Sherry Wolf, “The Myth of Marxist Homophobia”

Fall 2017

Sept. 22 (Rafael Hernandez): Michal Peled Ginsburg, Introduction and Chap. 1 from Portrait Stories.

Oct. 27 (Mitch R. Murray): Sarah Brouillette, Introduction and Conclusion from Literature and the Creative Economy and Verso Blog post “Tragedy Mistaken for Management Theory: On Kazuo Ishiguro and the Nobel Prize in Literature.”

Dec. 1 (Alyssa Hunziker): Glen Sean Coulthard, Introduction and Conclusion from Red Skin, White Masks: Rejecting the Politics of Recognition

Spring 2017

February 17, William Davies, “The New Neoliberalism