Readings Archive

Fall 2017

Nov. 3, Sarah Brouillette, Introduction and Conclusion from Literature and the Creative Economy and Verso Blog post “Tragedy Mistaken for Management Theory: On Kazuo Ishiguro and the Nobel Prize in Literature.”

Fall 2015

Dec 4, Christopher Pavsek, From The Utopia of Film, Introduction

Nov 6, Spivak, “Deconstructing Historiography” and Guha, “On Some Aspects of the Historiography of Colonial India

Oct 16, Alain Badiou, from The Rebirth of History, Introduction and Chapter 1; Chapter 6; Chapter 9

Sept 18, Kristin Ross, from May ’68 and its Afterlives, Introduction; Chapter 4

Spring 2015

Jan 24, Slavoj Žižek, from Virtue and Terror, Introduction; Michael Taussig, “The Language of Flowers”

Fall 2014

Nov 14, Slavoj Žižek, from Absolute Recoil, Introduction; Alain Badiou, from The Communist Hypothesis, The Idea of Communism.

Oct 3, Eric Cazdyn, Disaster, Crisis, Revolution; Eric Cazdyn and Imre Szeman, from After Globalization (2011), Oh, Don’t Ask Why; and Robert Kurz, The Ontological Break

Sept 19, Jodi Dean, from The Communist Horizon (2012), Introduction, Occupation and the Party; and Joseph Ramsey, “Re-imagining the Place and Time of Communism Today”

Sept 8, Silvia Federici, “Precarious Labor: A Feminist Viewpoint”

Summer 2014

Aug 8, Shukin, Intro to Animal Capital (2009);  Hudson, The Political Animal (2008)

July 23, Mathias Nilges, Finance Capital and the Time of the Novel (2014)

May 4, Jonathan Flatley, from Affective Mapping: Melancholia and the Politics of Modernism (2008), IntroductionModernism and Melancholia, and Affective Mapping and China Miéville, “Säcken” (in the Winter/Spring Edition of Subtropics)

Spring 2014

February 16, Kim Stanley Robinson, Remaking History”  (1988)

January 26, Nicholas Brown, from Utopian Generations: The Political Horizon of 21st Century Literature  (2005)

January 12, Jean-Paul Sartre, Selections from What Is Literature (1949)

Fall 2013

October 27, Kim Stanley Robinson, Forty Signs of Rain (2005). Text can be purchased at here.

September 22, Selections from Literary Materialisms (2013): Carolyn Lesjak, “Reading Dialectically”; Nicholas Brown, “Close Reading and the Market”; Jason Potts, “Creativity, Character, and the Making of the American Middle Class”

September 8, Joshua Clover, “Autumn of the System: Poetry and Financial Capital” (2011); Fredric Jameson, “Reflections in Conclusion” from Aesthetics and Politics (1977); Kim Stanley Robinson, “Future Politics: An Interview with Kim Stanley Robinson” (2004)

Summer 2013

August 4, Nicholas Brown, “The Work of Art in the Age of its Real Subsumption Under Capital” (2013); Jodi Dean, “The Communist Horizon” (Draft); Mathias Nigles, “Marxism and Form Now” (2009)

May 26, Eric Cazdyn, from The Already Dead: New Time of Politics, Culture, and Illness (2012), “The Cultural” and “The Already Dead”

May 12, Eric Cazdyn, from The Already Dead: New Time of Politics, Culture, and Illness (2012), “Introduction,” “The Medical,” and “The Political.” 

Spring 2013

April 14, Nicholas Brown, “One, Two, Many Ends of Literature” (2009), Neil Larsen, “Literature, Immanent Critique, and the Problem of Standpoint” (2009), and Imre Szeman, “Marxist Literary Criticism, Then and Now” (2009).

February 17: Michael Denning, “Representing Global Labor” (2007) and Kathi Weeks, “Life Within and Against Work: Affective Labor, Feminist Critique, and Post-Fordist Politics”

January 21: Fredric Jameson, “Reification and Utopia in Mass Culture” (1979)

Fall 2012

November 18: Kevin Floyd, “Lukács and Sexual Humanism” (2006) and “Rethinking Reification” (2001). Supplemental: “Queer Studies, Materialism, and Crisis: A Roundtable Discussion”(2012)

October 28: Michael Denning, Wageless Life” (2010)

September 16: Kathi Weeks, from The Problem with Work Introduction: The Problem with Work” and “Chapter 2: Marxism, Productivism, and the Refusal of Work” (2011).

Spring 2012

February 19: Rosemary Hennessy, from Politics and Pleasure “The Material of Sex” (2000).

January 15: Rosemary Hennessy, from Materialist Feminism and the Politics of Discourse “Feminist Standpoint, Discourse, and Authority” (1992).

Fall 2011

November 19: Rosemary Hennessy, from Materialist Feminism and the Politics of Discourse “Introduction and Ch. 1” (1992).

Summer 2011

July 31: Richard Dienst, from The Bonds of Debt “Letter to Bono” and “The Magic of Debt; or, Reading Marx like a Child” (2011).

July 24: Richard Dienst, from The Bonds of Debt “Once in a Lifetime” (2011).

Spring 2011

March 20: John Bellamy Foster, from The Ecological Rift “The Metabolism of Twenty-First Century Socialism” (2010).

January 23: John Bellamy Foster, from The Ecological Rift “Capitalism in Wonderland” and “The Midas Effect” (2010).

Fall 2010

November 14: David Harvey, from The Enigma of Capital “Capital Goes to Work” (2010).

October 17: Neil Smith, from Uneven Development: Nature, Capital and the Production of Space “The Production of Nature” (1984/1990).

September 19: John Brown Childs, from Transcommunality “Emplacements of Affliction” (2003).

Summer 2010

August 14: John Bellamy Foster, from Marx’s Ecology “The Metabolism of Nature and Society” (2000).

Spring 2010

February 21: Hazel Carby, from Culture in Babylon “The Canon,” “Blackness of Theory,” (1999) and “Becoming Modernized Radical Subjects” (2009).

January 24: Hazel Carby, from Culture in Babylon “Multiculural Wars” part 1, part 2, “Reinventing History” (1999).

Fall 2009

November 15: Kevin Floyd Introduction of The Reification of Desire (2009).

Spring 2009

February 28: Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri “Multitude” from Multitude (2004).

February 15: Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri “The Political Constitution of the Present” from Empire (2001).

January 25: Michael Hardt “The Global Society of Control” from Discourse (1998) and “Affective Labor” from boundary 2 (1999).

Fall 2008

November 23: Jacques Derrida “Marx & Sons” from Ghostly Demarcations (1999).

October 5: Franco Moretti “Graphs, Maps, Trees” from Graphs, Maps, Trees: Abstract Models for a Literary History (2005) and “The Novel: History and Theory” from New Left Review (July/August 2008).

Summer 2008

August 10: Marx Capital I, Part Four.

July 27: Marx Capital I, Parts Two and Three.

July 13: Marx Capital I, Part One.

Spring 2008

March 23: Paula Rabinowitz “Wreckage upon Wreckage: History, Documentary, and the Ruins of Memory” from History and Theory (1993).

March 2: Michael Denning “The Academic Left and the Rise of Cultural Studies” and “What’s Wrong With Cultural Studies” from Culture in the Age of Three Worlds (2004); Andrew Ross “Claims for Cultural Justice” from Real Love: In Pursuit of Cultural Justice (1998) and “Introduction” from Fast Boat to China: Corporate Flight and the Consequences of Free Trade (2006).

February 10: Giovanni Arrighi “Introduction” and “The Three Hegemonies of Historical Capitalism” from The Long Twentieth Century (1994).

Fall 2007

November 18: Lenin “Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism” (1917).

October 14: Fredric Jameson “Introduction” and Louis Althusser “Philosophy as a Revolutionary Weapon” (1968) from Lenin and Philosophy (2001); Slavoj Zizek “Introduction” and “‘I or He or It (the Thing) Which Thinks'” from Tarrying with the Negative (1993).

September 23: Marx Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 as selected by Tucker in The Marx-Engels Reader (66-125): “Preface,” “Estranged Labor,” “Private Property and Communism,” “The Meaning of Human Requirements,” “The Power of Money in Bourgeois Society,” and “Critique of the Hegelian Dialectic and Philosophy as a Whole.”

Summer 2007

July 1: Paolo Virno, interviewed by Isabelle Graw in Texte zur Kunst 63 (September 2006); G. A. Cohen “Images of History in Hegel and Marx” and “Use-Value, Exchange-Value, and Contemporary Capitalism” from Karl Marx’s Theory of History (1978); Sande Cohen “Derrida’s ‘New Scholar’: Between Philosophy and History” from History Out of Joint (2006).

Spring 2007

March 25: Goran Therborn “After DialecticsNew Left Review 43 (Jan.-Feb. 2007).

Feb. 24: Cary Nelson “What Hath English Wrought: The Corporate University’s Fast Food Discipline” from Disciplining English: Alternative Histories, Critical Perspectives (2002) and “The Humanities and the Perils of Globalization” from Office Hours: Activism and Change in the Academy (2004).

Fall 2006

The reading sessions have been temporarily suspended, as many members’ energies are focused on CLASUnite.

Spring 2006

March 25: Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak A Critique of Postcolonial Reason (chapter on philosophy).

March 3: TBA, Hitchcock

Feb. 19: Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak A Critique of Postcolonial Reason (chapter on literature).

Feb. 3: Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak “Can the Subaltern Speak?” from Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture, Warren Montag’s response, and Spivak’s “Supplementing Marxism” from Whither Marxism?

Jan. 22: Peter Hitchcock “The Genre of PostcolonialityNew Literary History 34.2 (2003): 299-330. Also, the introduction to Oscilate Wildly.

Fall 2005

Oct. 23: Laclau and Mouffe Hegemony and Socialist Strategy (chapter 3).

Oct. 9: Antonio Gramsci The Modern Prince.

Sept. 25: Marx “Theses on Feuerbach” and 18th Brumaire of Louis Napoleon, especially chapters 1 & 7.

Sept. 11: Fredric Jameson “Cognitive Mapping” from The Jameson Reader and Raymond Williams “Base and Superstructure in Marxist Cultural Theory” New Left Review (1973).